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handlesman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: president obama walked a thin line as he came to the music on martha's vineyard. he condemned the crackdown by egypt's military. >> we deplore violence against civilians. we support universal rights essential to human dignity, including the right to peaceful protest. >> reporter: but mr. obama suggested many egyptians, maybe a majority, i wanted the army to oust elected president mow ham mid-morsi and wanted the protests by pro-morsi backers ended but he said egyptians and he are horrified by 500-plus dead and by protesters killing cops and attacking christians. >> we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and con dent attacks that we've seen by protesters, including on churches. >> reporter: the president could have gone further. he could have declare there had had been a coup in egypt. all u.s. aid would have stopped. but he didn't. >> this morning, we notified the egyptian government that we are canceling our biannual joint militar
absolutely have to. i entered on washington boulevard, drove to this location right here, which is between andrade and calavaras, only a couple of miles and it took me a good hour. you can see y traffic here to your right is limited to the far left lane and the shoulder and of course, at issue is this truck right here, which is still laying here in the road. the good news is you want to wait till this is reopened and chp is now saying that could be as soon as noon. initially the thought it wasn't going to be until 2:00 but chp telling us it might be noon. the problem trying to roll this over. this happened at 5:00 this morning in a solo vehicle accident. on board was 60,000 pounds of mail. cal transand post office spent hours offloading that to a new truck. chp thinks they have enough off they can tip this trailer right side up now without tearing it apart. >> we believe we might have enough we can start the process of getting it upright and it looks like it's structurally stable enough that we will be able to drive it off. all the mail is being transloaded. what is left over will be taken
nation's capital are busy preparing for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. the anniversary celebration will be held by the lincoln memorial, where hundreds of thousands gathered 50 years ago to protest discrimination and inequalityism one bay area woman was there for the landmark speech. her name is gay cobb. then, she was just a young new yorker who set out on a bus ride to washington, d.c. to hear dr. king's address. now, she is looking back on the experience and says it helped shape her life. >> to be part of that generation and to have observed the changes in america since then is just -- just profoundly humbling. >> cobb says she is so grateful for the experience. >>> days before dr. king's "i have a dream" speech way back in 1963, he made an appearance on nbc's "meet the press." that complete interview is now being replayed this sunday right here on nbc bay area. current "meet the press" moderator david gregory, talks about the significance of that television appearance and what we can learn from it today. >> well, it's the meaning of the dream 50 years later. and tha
on washington. this is a live look. you can see oprah winfrey taking the podium, saying hello. she is one of the celebrities and politicians here at the national mall. >> i asked my mama, "can i go to the march?" took me 50 years, but i'm here. on this date in this place, at this time, 50 years ago today, dr. martin luther king shared his dream for america with america. dr. king was the passionate voice that awake and the conscience of a nation and inspired people all over the world. the power of his words res son nated because they were spoken out of an unwavering believe in freedom and justice, equality and opportunity for all. let freedom ring was dr. king's closing call for a better and more just america. so today, people from all walks of life will gather at 3 p.m. for bell-ringing events across our great country and around the world, as we reaffirm our commitment to dr. king's ideals. dr. king believed that our destinies are all intertwined and he knew that our hopes and our dreams are really all the same. >> we have been listening to oprah at the national mall talking about what ha
movement. it's been nearly 50 years now since martin luther king junior's march on washington, d.c. and of course, that famous "i have a dream" speech. three days before making that historic speech, he aed on n-- e appeared on nbc's "meet the press." >> i think we must face the fact that in reality, you cannot have economic and political equality without having some form of social equality. >> nbc bay area will be reairing the entire interview for you to much catch. watch our "meet the press" special edition, "remembering the dream" sunday mourning at 7:30. also fined some pretty amazing content on our website, including historic video and photos from that march as well as events commemorating the 50th anniversary also on our website. simply go to >>> well, we have admired the new bay bridge from afar for years now, but are we ready to drive it? the new span is scheduled to open in less than two weeks and cal trans says it will be a completely different driving experience. to avoid confusion for drivers, the agency just releasing this brand new animation what the
of view, and he hope it is would not damage relations already strained with the united states. washington is apparently crafting a response and certainly, this is going to come as discouraging news. but it might mean that all bets are off for a key summit meeting to take place here in moscow in early september, just before the g-20 between president putin and obama. i'm jim maceda, innocennbc news reporting from moscow. >> thank you very much, jim. >>> a south bay mayor organized a blood drive but not allowed to donate himself. tell you about the ban he is trying to overturn next. harvest coming early this year. why grape pickers are already out there in the bay area getting the job done. >>> they look like they are enjoying that weather out there as they pick those grapes. good morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are nice and mild out there right now. and more good news, our air quality dramatically improving, changes headed our way as go we getted to weekend. we will take you through the changes nbc bay area news comes back. >>> east san jose, police setting
of the plane's fuselage can be seen strewn across the hillside. ntsb go team left washington this morning to begin its initial investigation into the crash. weather in the birmingham area is not believed to have been a factor. erica edwards, nbc news. >>> now to the developing story in egypt where the government has slapped a month-long night time curfew on cairo and ten provinces. today's decision was announced shortly after the country's interim president declared a month-long nationwide state of emergency and ordered the army to back the police in efforts to restore order. violence spreading across much of the country after police swept in with armored vehicles you see there, bulldozers and helicopters clear two encampments of supporters of ousted president mohammad morsi. at least 149 people have been killed, another 1400 said to be injured. >>> happening right now closer to home, crew doing some major cleanup work after discovering a large marijuana grow in the south bay. authority there is found that grow site outside henry coe state park. that's northeast of morgan hill. nbc bay ar
's awarded the highest honor of service. big-time congratulations. he currently lives in washington with his family. live pictures of the white house there. if you want to try to see this one live as it's happening, you can go online. you can see it all happening on a big day for ty carter. that is beautiful. >>> in case you missed it, some big-time names turning out for last night's mtv video awards. justin timberlake, katy perry. also there, jason collins. the very first openly gay nba player. >> just before i came out my grandmother told me she was afraid i would encounter the same prejudice and bigotry she experienced growing up in the south, but i2ru knew that hati someone for their sexual orientation is the same thing as hating them for the color of their skin and the only way things change is when you stand up for what you believe in. >> he's been a powerful messenger and he appeared before mcle more and ryan lewis performed same love which won the same video with a social message. >>> much anticipated event, yes, the reunion of boy band nsync. ♪ bye-bye bye >> all
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8